Physical Damage Insurance

Physical Damage Insurance simply pays to fix or replace damaged tractors and trailers. This coverage is designed to meet the Physical Damage requirements of long, medium, and short haul drivers with 1-9 or 10+ power units. Groups of 10 and over will be priced separately. Covered vehicles include tractors and trailers. Tractor classifications include: single, tandem, tri-axle, and straight trucks. Trailers include vans, flatbeds, refrigerated, drop decks, etc.

Disclaimer: The above coverage description is a summary for general reference only and does not guarantee coverage to anyone. This information does not create insurance coverage and is for informational purposes only, and it should not be relied upon by any person or entity as evidence of the existence of insurance coverage. The general coverage descriptions above are abbreviated. You will need to refer to the actual insurance policy for all specific coverages, coverage amounts, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. If there is any conflict between the information provided and the actual insurance policy, the policy provisions will prevail. To obtain a complete quote, please contact the National Truckers Insurance Services Group, Inc. (NTISG).